Top 5 Gambling facts

1. Counting in the practice of keeping track of which cards have already been dealt, in order to win at a game. While you might have heard that card counting is illegal – there are actually no laws prohibiting it. However, casinos can try and spot people who are engaging in the practice and ban them from their premises since they are private establishment. The actor Ben Affleck was famously banned from a casino in 2014 for card counting.

2. Did you know the gambling was illegal in Japan? Well, not quite. By the law is supposed to prohibit gambling, there is a loophole for those who need a fix. You can gamble in Pachinko centers where you win small silver balls which can be exchanged for prizes such as alcohol and voodoo: toys. However, these small balls can be exchanged at special state-run shops for money, a sneaky way to get around the system.

3. Despite the mid perpetuated in Mario Puzo’s book Fools Die, casinos don’t pump oxygen into the premises to keep people alert and gambling longer. As well as being highly a legal, as oxygen can be extremely flammable it would pose a significant fire hazard.

4. While it’s generally accepted that the invention of the atomic bomb did nothing great for the world, it did boost the popularity of the Las Vegas strip. During the 1950s the government began testing nuclear bombs close to Las Vegas and swathes of tourists visited the popular gambling hotspot in order to catch a glimpse of the deadly mushroom clouds which are produced by the atomic bomb. A Miss Atomic Energy beauty pageant was even staged during this time which became the inspiration for the 2016 musical Miss Atomic Bomb.

5. Why most Industries have historically been dominated by men, the first casino license in Las Vegas was actually issued to a woman. Mayme Stocker was a local resident of Las Vegas and something of a local legend. Then, in 1920 she decided she wanted to open a casino and became not only the first woman but indeed the first person to be issued a licence by the state authorities to open a casino.