Are Online Gambling Sites Licenced?

There are a great many people who turn to the internet for their source of entertainment. For those that enjoy some gambling activities, there is an opportunity to enjoy this online as well. For those that do they believe it provides many benefits to them in regards to their entertainment. It also raises a concern as to whether the online casino sites are subject to any type of regulation.

Every Country is Different

Most countries have their own rules and regulations when it comes to online casino sites. This includes attempting to set some form of regulations for them. It is not unusual for a gaming enthusiast to go to a casino site and find out that they are not going to be accepted as a member. Meaning they are not going to be allowed to play at the site with real money. This is usually because their country of origin has banned online gambling for those residing in their country.

It is estimated that about 39 countries will not allow any type of online casino play. Then there are about 32 countries that will not allow this type of online operation within their country. But, they will allow gameplay within the country if the site is operated outside of their country. There are 93 countries that are considered neutral meaning they don’t stop the play, but they won’t provide licensing for it. Then 61 countries will allow online casino operations within the country but under government license.

What Countries are Providing Licences?

There are a group of countries that provide licensing for online casinos which include;

  • Gibralter
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Kahnawake territory (Quebec)

These licenses are not easy to get. The mandate for doing so can include having to be successful at completing quality control regulation or paying large amounts of money for the licensing.

Check the Licencing

Those that wish to become a member of an online casino need to search the site they are interested in and check where their license has been issued from. This way you will know the casino is operating under proper regulations.